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Our guide present St Petersburg. Hear guide's voice and bits of the tours.

Our guide Elena Pago (phone number 08913035290) has been an excellent guide. She is extremely knowledgeable about Russian history and she took time of explaining in details about each historical places that we visited. I would give her 10 out 10 without any hesitation. After visiting Helsinki we (our group) realized that we were missing Elena.

She also gave us a crush Russian language course on our second day during the bus ride. The sit down lunch place on the first day was excellent. We all loved that restaurant. The waitresses were excellent. We also loved the boxed lunch next day.


Mahmood Solaiman ( Mohammed Imran from Mahmood Solaiman account)  

Thank you Anya for the wonderful two days we spent with you in St. Petersburg on June 30 and July 1. We were a private family group of 24 and she was very accommodating such as when we asked for time to climb St. Isaac's Cathedral. Her English is excellent and her knowledge of history is outstanding. We were able to see and learn so much in a such short time. Thanks Alla Tours for arranging these tours and for sending Anya to us.

TA Linda Holliday Perry 2018  

I would like to thank Anya for the lovely tour that she organized for us in St Petersburg, she is such a lovely person and each every one of us enjoyed the time we shared with her, she is knowledgable about all the places she took us too, and shared her knowledge wit an enthusiasm that we rarely see in many guides.
Thank you once again for a superb tour, and I am sending recommendations to all my other friends who are planning visits to your lovely city

Manjeet  01 Jun 2016

I want to say thank you very much for the wonderful 2 day tour we had with Anya while we were in St Petersburg on 18th and 19th June. Anya gave us a first class tour which surpassed anything our fellow passengers on Magellan experienced. We will certainly recommend your company to friends who may be visiting your country in the future.

Best wishes - Carolyn and Alexander

Magellan  01 Jun 2016

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